Sim Racing and FOV part 2

I started up my sim and set the track to Silverstone Circuit. It was just how I remembered from the last time I played. Corners were much more flowing, the track seemed much narrower, and the sense of speed was much higher than it was in real life. That’s when I started playing with the FOV. I used a triangle calculator to calculate what my FOV should be based on my monitor width and how far away I was sitting from it. The difference the new FOV setting made was shocking.
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Sim Racing and FOV part 1

Over the nearly 10 years that I’ve enjoyed sim racing, I never really paid much attention to FOV (field of view). I always adjusted it to a value that allowed me to see the road and objects around me the best, and then I would hit the pavement. It wasn’t until recently, when I moved from sim racing to real cars, that I noticed how flawed an arbitrary FOV number could be.
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