Sim Racing and FOV part 2

I started up my sim and set the track to Silverstone Circuit. It was just how I remembered from the last time I played. Corners were much more flowing, the track seemed much narrower, and the sense of speed was much higher than it was in real life. That’s when I started playing with the FOV. I used a triangle calculator to calculate what my FOV should be based on my monitor width and how far away I was sitting from it. The difference the new FOV setting made was shocking.
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Sim Racing and FOV part 1

Over the nearly 10 years that I’ve enjoyed sim racing, I never really paid much attention to FOV (field of view). I always adjusted it to a value that allowed me to see the road and objects around me the best, and then I would hit the pavement. It wasn’t until recently, when I moved from sim racing to real cars, that I noticed how flawed an arbitrary FOV number could be.
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Greg at the SPK 500

From June 9-10, Summit Point Kart held their (now) bi-annual karting event, the SPK 500. The SPK 500 is a grueling 500 mile/14 hour endurance karting race that attracts 3-10 driver teams from up and down the East Coast. Last year, I entered the race with team Rowdy and the Hot Shoes, and after 500 miles, we finished 2nd by just over 5 seconds. This year, with a new team, and no expectations of winning, I hoped to have some fun with my friends and see where we stood the end of the race. The team I competed with was team TPRA, which got it’s name from the Tuner’s Pit Racing Association online racing league. Through the TPRA, I have met many great people, including my racing mentor, and had some great opportunities, like the GT Academy competition and the SPK 500. Team TPRA was primarily made up of league members, including the league’s founder and owner, Kevin Baker. Another TPRA member, Mike Macek, and his friend Mike DeNino rounded out the team to give us 4 members. The team was put together less than 5 days before the race itself, and with no team members having raced on the circuit layout — two having never been to the circuit before — before race day, our goal was to have fun, rather than compete for the win. Continue reading