None of this would be possible without the support of:

I met John Wilding racing online in Gran Turismo a few years ago, but I was finally able to meet him in person during GT Academy 2011. John became one of my closest friends during the competition, and his support and advice has been key in getting me to this point. Along with his father, Ernie, John owns and operates FAS Windows and Doors in Florida. If you are in the Orlando/Tampa area, stop by one of their showrooms!

Tuner’s Pit Racing Association is the premiere online racing league for Gran Turismo. I have raced with the TPRA for over 5 years, and have made some great friends. I’ve also had the pleasure of sharing both the virtual and real actual track with Tuner’s Pit founder Kevin “Maineiac Moose” Baker, and without his creation, I would have never set foot in a race car. Check them out for best racing experience on the web!

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